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WINEMAKING EQUIPMENT KIT  (10 % off in store if no shipping)

these kits all contain PET carboys

 3 gallon STARTER  108.94 Add to Cart
 5 gallon STARTER  112.10 Add to Cart
 6 gallon STARTER  116.90 Add to Cart
 3 gallon PET DELUXE  160.97  Add to Cart
 5 gallon PET DELUXE  164.20  Add to Cart
 6 gallon PET DELUXE  169.73  Add to Cart

Starter Wine Equipment Kit Includes:
7.8 gallon fermenting Bucket
with drilled lid and grommet
Small Buon Vino Drilled stopper (bung)
3 Piece Airlock for use with bucket lid or carboy bung
3, 5 or 6 gallon PET BETTER BOTTLE carboy
hydrometer wine triple scale
hydrometer jar 10"
thermometer 5" floating
racking wand 21 inch for 3/8
tubing, 5 feet of 3/8
spring (combination) bottle filler 3/8"
wine bottle brush
B-Brite 8 ounces
Also included: "Enjoy Home Winemaking" a guide for the beginner.

The starter kit does not include a corker, corks. They may be ordered at
bottling time or purchase a DELUXE KIT. 

The DELUXE Kit, (regardless of jug size) includes all the basics that are in the Starter Equipment Kit plus:

a double-wing corker with an adjustable ram

# 9 X 1 3/4 agglomerated corks:

16 count for 3 gallon set up
25 count for 5 gallon set up
30 count for 6 gallon set up




May Your Wines Fall Bright!